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Monday 24 September 2012

University of Technology Hacked? Update: UTS Breach, Users notified.

This weekend I decided that I was going to pay a visit to, the website which hackers present their "defacements" of hacked websites. Now, going through the list, it was apparent that most websites hacked weren't big targets and all simply general unsecured sites that were flowing with many vulnerabilities. However, after going through some pages, I found this:

University of Technology's servers seemed to have been breached on the 2012-09-22 01:10:38. This was only two days ago.

The server which was defaced was:

Looking through this, all I see is a blank page with a single word, "Datasearch". It seems almost as if UTS has covered up their tracks.

Through analysing the hackers message, it seems as if this was a targeted hack based on the text written, "Dear, Ugliest Tower In Sydney. Hire some staff who actually know what they are doing. BTW, I just RM -RFd you bitches. That should teach you a lesson."

Now here comes the scary bit. These hackers have not only breached the servers but they have also released the majority of some sort of staff or user database.

Going further down in the defacement we can see the details of approximately 757 people, all from UTS or linked in some way. These include usernames, passwords, emails and the works. If almost one thousand people were breached from a well known university in Australia, then why the heck has this not been reported, or been dealt with appropriately?

I have my respect for universities, but this is wrong! If a breach were to occur due to the sloppy coding on our end, the first thing I would do would be report this breach out to those affected IMMEDIATELY.

Even though the data dates back to as of 2002, you will be surprised how many people use the same passwords. Even worse, these passwords are all in plain text. How convenient for the hackers?

UTS, I don't know who you hire for your web security, and network security in general. But as for the recent hacks done on popular Australian universities (University of Sydney and UNSW), considering you pride yourself on being a university focused on technology, this is the wrong way to go.

As of yet, it seems this hasn't been blogged yet, and to me, I find that quite appalling that a breach can happen without those being affected about it knowing.

It would seem that people would be getting secure as the days go by, but honestly, it seems as if a) people are lacking in knowledge to secure themselves, or b) Hackers are excelling in breaking through that security.

That all for now,

Update: Many people have written articles on this -

They state that they detected the breach and it was an old server. Still scary news though.


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