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Saturday 29 September 2012

Facebook Privacy Breach: Private messages exposed!

Well, well, well... looks like they've done it again. Facebook has created yet another serious privacy concern for their users, and it appears to be accidental, not deliberate like others (Check-In, I'm looking at you).

This time, the private messages of Facebook users have been exposed to their friends and possibly the world as a result of a bug in the new Timeline system. Thanks to this programming glitch, private messages, juicy conversations, and potential data are just a few clicks away from anyone who may wish to access them. Below are the easy steps to try this for yourself:

1. Go to your stalking targets timeline.
2. Select: 2010 from the date list down the right of the page.
3. Look at the part on their page with the heading: "14 friends posted on Targets's timeline."
4. The "wall posts" on this list are actually private messages (Image below). The replies to them is the conversation.

No doubt, this will result in some very bad press for Facebook and heads will be rolling within the development team. I wouldn't even be particularly surprised to see legal action being taken against the social media giant given the potential for leakage of private information. I can already see celebrity gossip stemming from this very glitch.

All in all, this will just be another nail in the coffin for individual privacy on the internet. How could such a glitchy piece of code be published by such a large corporation? Damned if I know, but one things for sure, it definitely isn't going to end well for Mark Zuckerberg or his clients.


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