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Tuesday 18 September 2012

Another 0day in the wild. This time Internet Explorer.

Just recently, the internet experienced a java exploit in the wild. Now, from the same creators, a new 0day has been found affecting internet explorer as a whole. Unlike the Java exploit, which targeted the popular product of Java which has been constantly known for its crappy security, this time, malware engineers have targeted internet explorer, and have been successful.

What I find extremely stupid, is that Eric Romang ( was able to find this 0day located on the SAME server as the previous java 0day. To me, personally, I think that this exploit was not created by the people on that server but was rather distributed or sold for a very high price on the backbones of Russian blackmarkets such as antichat.

A simple diagram explains the simplicity of this vulnerability:

Source (

Microsoft suggest blocking ActiveX controls for now, and to await for the newest Internet Explorer 10 which supposedly fixes this issue. If one were smart however, he would not be using Internet Explorer at all ;)

Other than this, from my observations, this exploit has gone to total waste! Such an exploit in the blackmarkets could be sold for upto 20k a pop. Meaning that the author of this must be absolutely devastated right now.

Why would it cost so much you ask? Because think about this. As an example we shall use Russian monetizers who use malware as their main platform. The process would be exceedingly simple and profitable for them. All they would have to do is, firstly buy this exploit, secondly load their malware onto it, and thirdly buy traffic originating from developing countries such as India, Pakistan and Vietnam which are more likely to use Internet Explorer. After a constant traffic flow from their usual sources, they would have almost a 60-70% infection rate if done in the masses.

Let us calculate this. Let's say, 100k traffic was sent, 50% of this would be 50k, the Russian monetizers would have gained a 50k net in over a week. With that 50k they would be able to mine for bitcoins or simply sell their slaves as socks 5 proxies. The money in this exceeds thousands.

Anyways, enough of my rambling. It was an absolute great find, and unbelievable that the exploit was located on already blacklisted servers (how stupid?). Stay safe, and be smart. Simply don't use Internet Explorer.

P.S To check out a very in depth full analysis of code, I suggest you visit, which has a much more programmatic approach to this 0day. Also, a metasploit module has already been created for this vulnerability.


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