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Wednesday 2 May 2012

Pastebin Breakdown #1 Anonymous Cyprus OpCyprus May 4th - 2/5/12

The interest towards website security has significantly jumped throughout the last few years. Hacktivism has spread throughout nations and the followers of the Anonymous collective has increased in numbers significantly. It is apparent that people are using their skills in website penetration to get their message across, whether good or bad.

In my view, Anonymous is neither good or bad. But something that everyone should understand is that Anonymous is not a group. Its a collective. It can be anyone, regardless of whether they are hackers or not. This is why they are so successful. It could be from any where in the world. This is why it is so widespread. And it can range from a variety of age groups. This is why the followers are so abundant in numbers.

Pastebin has been around since 2002 and has encouraged freedom of speech and has allowed at nearly all stages, any text what so ever to be hosted on their servers. Its conventional use is the ability to share and view text hosted online. But nowadays, pastebin is one of the most comprehensive text hosting sites available and to hackers, it is seen as a perfect way of hosting their messages. Throughout this series, you will experience the trending messages that hackers have been posting up on pastebin, and the deconstruction of each message.

In this series, ill cover a range of trending Pastebin's, in a process of deconstructing them and finding out their true meaning and origins.

Let's start!

Pastebin Number #1 -
Pastebin Contextual Data: 
BY: A GUEST ON APR 28TH, 2012  |  SYNTAX: NONE  |  SIZE: 0.88 KB  |  HITS: 361  |  EXPIRES: NEVER Title:Anonymous Cyprus OpCyprus May 4th

Anonymous Cyprus Vs Freemasony. WE RUN THIS !

Anonymous is fighting capitalism, 
Illuminati governments, 
Freemasons and their plans. 
We can fight them 
We are Anonymous 
And we Are Legion
We know what your doing. 
Try to take freedom from humanity 
We won't let you sleep. 
Stop the New World order 
This is Anonymous order
Anonymous means Freedom 
Freedom is what we fight for
United as one Anonymous 
We will not forget
Expect us~!

On May 4th , Anonymous Cyprus is launching an attack at the Freemason sites on Cyprus.



Download HOIC at: 

Free VPN services:

After taking a quick look at this pastebin, we are able to make out that the main cause is to attack freemason websites throughout Cyprus. The main two aims of this pastebin is to take down these two targets, through the means of denial of service attacks (HOIC) :


Sources/Media Coverage:
And lastly, the most interesting: <- The statement about OPCyprus from Anonymous
Personal Thought and Opinion:
This attack is not sophisticated, it is not in any way in my personal and honest opinion, going to have any great outcomes other than taking down a couple of cyprus, freemason websites for a few days at the most. It follows the traditional anonymous attack (DDOS) via the use of a variety of DDOS'ing tools such as LOIC and HOIC through a mass user base in order to take someone or some website down. Bottom line, my personal opinion is that no matter how much or how hard they keep on trying to hit down cyprus freemason websites, they are still not going to achieve their goals. No message is actually getting across and in no way are they proving themselves in the sense of they want freedom. Who ever has designed and tried to execute this plan has been extremely clumsy and unaware in planning and doing so. The two VPN services that he/she lists, both have logging enabled and the targets he has chosen are both unpopular and will have minimal effect if even taken down.

Hacktivism is on the rise, and stunts like these will continue to occur, whether for good or bad. Stay tuned for the next Pastebin breakdown, and keep yourself updated about whats going down on the internet at

See you next time,


sarah lee said...

Thanks Pastebin,
We all should be like Pastebin's mind. We offer restriction on speaking. This is really bad!

This is freedom o speech...Home security

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